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Much to Bex’s chagrin I’m currently hyper on about 1 liter of energy drink. It makes me productive, and it also makes me send far too many (in my opinion awesome) sound clips through WhatsApp. Ooops.

Anyway, yesterday I got to wear a very lovely form fitting wiggle dress courtesy of Fancy Dress Queen and use the lovely Bexetc as a gorgeous prop for my first ever photo shoot! Pictures to come soon.

I also got to use a rubber slappy thing (it’s a technical term) and another toy made of granite kitchen work surface … now that one was fun. It’s also a good workout for the arms too, so an added bonus!

Aside from beating up the lovely Bex I got to preview a few new set of pictures and videos that will be appearing soon on her clips4sale site and on They’re awesome.

In writing news I shall hopefully finish the first of about 5 e-erotica (term coined by Bex and I’m nabbing it now) stories I have on the go this week. Fingers crossed kinky lesbian times don’t get in the way.

Ta-ta. “R”.

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Hey there, you'll see me around lending a hand (or butt) on Bexetc's clips4sale store and occasionally posting on her blog.
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